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I am not too sure about my tag line. It was something my dad said to me a few months before he died. He had read it on the internet just after he had been diagnosed with cancer. A bit of a downer I know. He wished that he had read that earlier. At one point he had been full of dreams but life had just gotten in the way of them. He had dreamed of working in a sheep station somewhere in Australia or living somewhere near the blue mountains. Despite this, it seemed to him that forgoing the ten percent had been worthwhile because the other ninety percent had been so good.
My life does not seem to have stomped on my childhood dreams like they did with my dad. Mostly because I don’t really think I had any. I just wanted to be happy. For a while now I think I can say that this has been the case. This year (like last year and the year before that come to think about it) has been about the ten percent that has happened. Now I am in the position where I have to see how I handle the other 90%.
So now I am here. Starting a blog. Meanwhile in the real world I have the ninety percent nipping at  nipping at my at my heels. There is so much to do and the biggest problem is that I have no one to talk to about. I have friends and a girlfriend but they are not the people I want to be talking to. The trouble is both of them have passed on. So rather than talking to the wall here I am.
I guess this is a blog about life, parenting, making a living, relationships and just about everything else. I’ve had a hobby blog for years and I think it’s about time I did something that was a bit more meaningful. Am am hoping that you are going to read this and keep following me.

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