Dramatic turn of events

My girlfriend told me she was pregnant today. She was very enigmatic when she told me to come over. This is not that uncommon so I wasn’t really expecting it. Well I say that, she was acting like she was. Complaining of a load of tell tale signs and had even phoned in sick from work for a few days. So I guess that I shouldn’t have been surprised. Given that this was the first time I have been the father of a child I am really unsure what to do.

She gave me a badly wrapped present. Purple tissue paper wrapped up with string. I have no idea what it was. At first I thought she had made me a wooden pen at work. It was about the right size but I realised that it was the wrong shape. When I opened it up I could see it was a pregnancy test. She was one to two weeks pregnant.

She gave me a little wooden plaque with a little poem on it. “We made a wish and it came true, now we count the days until you are due.” There is a little wooden star on it covered in blackboard paint so we can mark off the days. Right now I have no idea how many days you are from arriving so I can’t put a number on it. Yet.

Perhaps I am a little old to be a father forts the first time. I have wanted to be a dad for a long, long time and it just never seemed to happen for me. You are the legacy I have always wanted. It’s a bumpy ride ahead and at this point in time it’s by no means a guarantee. I want to be overjoyed but I am worried that I might jinx it. You are still just a possibility but a very wanted possibility.

I love my girlfriend very much and have done for a long time. This is the best news she could have given me. We just sat on the sofa and hugged all night and I told her that I loved her again and again with a constant smile on my face.

Then something struck me. I would have wanted to tell my mum and dad. Sadly my mum and dad have passed away. They would have loved the fact that I was going to be a father just as much as I do. So I thought about writing this down. Mostly for you and the future but also. So I could try to do something to make me remember how lucky I was to have such a great mum and dad.

So here we are. Right now there is just a bundle of cells and probably not a very big bundle. A bundle of joy. I am happy but doing my best not to tempt fate. The countdown hasn’t started yet but only because I don’t have a date yet.

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