Talking to my uncle.

For some reason I told my uncle the news today. He asked a fairly inane question about how I was doing and, given the news I had just had, I had no idea how to answer him. Although I hadn’t intended to tell anyone I felt I had to tell him. If only to stop my jaw from flopping around. I saw him because I was dropping him off at the airport to pick his son up from the Philippines and he will be there for months, so it’s now or (what seems like) never.

My uncle is the only person I know that came to fatherhood late. As late as me in fact it would appear. My cousin is actually eighteen years younger than me I think. So if anyone was going to be on my side it was him. Although I would have liked to tell my mum and dad first, I guess that he is the closest thing I have to them. Given the fact that he is probably away for a couple of months, it seemed like the right time and the wrong time simultaneously.

When he became a father, my mum and dad were a little bemused. Happy for him but surprised as well. They were behind him and they would have been behind me as well. They would have been overjoyed at the news of a pending arrival.

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