I think it’s good news.

My girlfriend was due a blood and pregnancy test was today so I took her to the hospital. Everything is really uncertain. The last test at the hospital came back negative but there have been two positive tests since then.  Hospitals are not great places and if you take my advice you will stay out of them as much as possible.

The test itself was fairly painless. For me anyway, it was my girlfriend that they were sticking the needle in. Then it was back to her dad’s house for a bit a chat and a take away. When we eventually left, we did so in different cars. The first thing she did was call the hospital. I pulled up around the corner and waited. And waited. And waited. She pulled up around next to me. The test was positive and the marker had doubled to over fifty. This was a relief because this was pretty normal. Then she drove off telling me to ring her. My battery had just died. Perfect timing.

So she was pregnant after all. Still I didn’t want to tempt fate by being overjoyed. Even so I drove home for an hour will a smile on my face. When I did get home I range her and we talked. Things seemed like a they were all coming together. Then I started worrying about tempting fate again.

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