Not So Good News

Well it looks like I am not about to be a dad after all. After a number of issues cropping up and my significant other is technically pregnant, without going into too much detail things do not look good. I very much want to be a father and the way things look, this is not about to be the case.

A lot of things in life just happen to you. There are plenty of things that you can make happen and there are also plenty that you can have a hand in. This is not one of them. This is just dumb luck.

At the moment I am not a big fan of chance. If things were going my way maybe this would be different. I believe in making my own chances and my own “luck”. When something like this happens it is not about the random, it’s about how you handle the random. So what do you do?

Well I get on with it. I want what I want and it is up to me to go and get it. I still want what I want. In many respects I want it more now than I did before. I really want it now. Maybe this is because I want I see something where I never saw an opportunity before. All I have to do now is convince my other half that the time is right.

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