A new family, well kind of.

It has been a good day. I have spent the day with my significant other’s family. For the first time in a long time I actually feel part of a family again. This is really quite a strange feeling for me. My experiences of people have not been that great of late. Not quite to the stage that I am having a total breakdown of faith in people but bad enough, so this is a nice feeling.

About twenty years ago you moved abroad. I couldn’t really complain. You were retired, and you were happy. Well maybe my dad more than my mum. I did get out to see you a fair bit and speak to them on the phone but it wasn’t the same. It was the real world and time that got in my way. There was a real sense of loss when you left but I got over it.

I guess that things were better than I think now. To be fair you had moved away a couple of decades before that but there was something about you being out of the country that made you feel even more distant. This was hard to bear sometimes but I guess I am a big boy and I had to deal with it

When you did come back for you first extended stay I was really happy. Although I was expecting you for a fortnight you ended up staying at mine for months. Even though I ended up sleeping pon the sofa some times this seemed like a small price to pay. Having you back in the country, for however short a period, seemed really good.

Not so long after that it became clear that you wished to come back home. Although you wanted a place over here and over there, the fact that you wanted to come back made me happy.

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