Friends Like This.

My message of the day is a little convoluted today. Bear with me. It will be worth by the time you get to the end.

I have spent all morning in the hospital. My boy managed to get himself injured yesterday. His “friend” decided he didn’t want him  to score a goal so rather than going for the ball, went for his ankle. It was a little bit bruised last night but this morning it was huge, purple brown and black. It’s good to know that his “friend” is really there for him.

So I am becoming a bit of an old hand at taking people to the hospital. How many days did I spend with you two sitting in a room waiting for something to happen. Then there have been the kids I have been looking after. Then there was the ex. I seem to recall being in hospital on fifty different days one year. The amount of time I have spent there seems tiny compare to what I have spent there with others.

To be honest I am passed joking with the staff about getting a park pass and it is now crossing my mind that this might actually be a possibility. If they did such a thing. It’s a pity you don’t get “frequent flyer” miles at the hospital. I would be able to cash them in for a round the world cruise by now.

To be honest I am doing this rather than something else so I shouldn’t really be complaining. Between a screaming baby, a two year old using the metal bins next to me as a bongo drum and the PA system intermittently sending out bursts of extremely high pitched feedback, I now have the headache from hell.

The grandmother of the child who is the wannabe John Bonham (he really is the best drummer of all time, the internet tells me so, I am not just getting old) was joking that she was going to get him some drums for Christmas. I remember when I was about four I got just about every musical instrument it is worth getting a four year old. This was all down to your dad, dad. In later life I always assumed that he had done this as an act of revenge or maybe just out of spite.

As a result of this I have always chosen not to get musical instruments for kids. I would have to have a special place in hell in my heart for the parents. One year I got a load of art stuff for one girl. The parents were still complaining two years later as they found bits of the stuff in every corner and crevice in the house. I was asked to buy stickle bricks one year. After some effort in rearranging the pins on the part of one of children, their dad manage to get one impaled in his little toe. Some days you really cannot win and should even try 🙂

So the message I am taking from all that you taught me? Be nicer to people. If you are not, Christmas is Coming (which I will talk about again) and this is the most wonderful time of the year to get your own back and make it look like you really care about your friends.

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