Time to Think

This week, so far at least, has all been about my old friend Norovirus. You remember that I am sure. I seem to recall us all spending a good chunk of a week of school with us all sharing the same fun activity together. Sharing is caring.

This perennial favourite has taken a leading role in my life over the last week. I am fourth in the line and I suspect not the last. My better half’s kids have been off school along with more than half of their respective classes. It is just so contagious that there seems to be no hiding from it.

I spent Monday staring at the ceiling through my eyelids. This was a struggle between being desperate to sleep and being too afraid of the potential consequences if I did so. The vomiting element of bug is the worst bit. The word projectile is not often in my list of words in everyday usage but it has for a few days now. The muscle spasms left me in enough pain that just being laid out on my back seemed like the best place to be.

I started out the day listening to audiobooks which is something I like to do a lot. However the sudden rushing around, the hot sweats and the shivering made me give up on it in the end. This gave me time to think. Whilst I spend a lot of time thinking, whilst I gazed upwards this time, I spend a lot of time second guessing myself. I am not really sure which of you I get that from.

So here I am today with all the ramifications of my thoughts. For a couple of years I have been wanting to set up a business. There have been three main attempts so far. All of them have fallen down. My plan has been to set up a laser cutting business. The main reason for failure is that I ordered a machine and then something went wrong, it didn’t arrive, it didn’t work etc. After months of prep, my hopes got shattered and I walk off grumbling to myself saying “maybe next time.”

Today has been about taking things a step further. I am now in contact with some premises I might use. Instead of buying a machine, I am going to rent a better machine. This is amongst a load of other stuff I have been up to today. This has been my most productive day in weeks. SO…..

Now that I have gotten the rotten taste out of my mouth, literally and perhaps metaphorically, time for some action.






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