I am the Seagull

I am the seagull. So I guess that must sound a little bit mad. You kind of gave me a bit of an insight into the madness of everyday people. And we all are just a little bit mad. Well some of us are actually mad. Whilst everyone else is in the water going one way, I am standing on a rock looking the other way.I am the seagullA while back I met a man who claimed he was prince Philip’s illegitimate son. He was relatively convincing when you listened to him. The fact that he smelt badly of urine and was busy smearing his own excrement on wall did tend to suggest that he might be as mad as a box of frogs. He did convince me that he was really happy being a little bit different.

So I guess that is where I am. Going one way when everyone else is going the other. That might sound like I am actually the mad one. Well you might be right to think that to but I don’t think so. You brought me up to recognise that working hard is the right thing to do. However I am now almost certain that working for someone really is the crazy thing to do.

So I will be stood here, on my rock, watching the ducks go by. To some it might sound like I am pretending to be an illegitimate member of the royal family. From where I am sat right now, it’s the rest of the world that sounds mad.

The ducks round here seem to depend on handouts. The seagulls are a lot more independant (and noisy).



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