A Different Kind of Day.

For the last five or so years I have been looking after kids. I gave up a reasonably well paid job as a manager to do so but I was hating the work so I guess it was not that big of a sacrifice. Most of that time I have really enjoyed it. Kids are fun to be around most of the time. Even when they are not you still get a chance to do some good. I now see that there is some sort of end in sight.

I remember mum telling me that I should get a job as well as doing what I was doing. You changed your mind when you spent a few days with us. Suddenly you realised that what I was doing was more like a full time job than you thought. At the time it felt more like a vocation than a job.

Now I am pretty sure that this is not a vocation but it’s still pretty good. The work is a little thinner on the ground as is the money. Still I had a job I enjoyed for five years. Now I am happy but need to move on to something else. Right now I am trying to work out how to do that.

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