Crossroads Time.

Last week was an extremely turbulent one for me. The tail end of the week was especially bad. Nothing seemed to be going my way. To be honest I am not sure if things are actually better. I have done what I can do and that has not resolved too much. So everything is up in the air. This has a feeling of a week that I should make some serious changes. It is also a week when there appears to be no one available to speak to.

Planning seemed to be my thing. Then I stopped planning. Then I had a plan for everything. At the moment every idea that I turn into a plan it turns to s#!t. I have five things that I am trying to sort out at the moment that no one is getting back to me about. Three of them involve me giving people money for something as I set up a business. I begin to wonder what the world of sales is coming to when I am talking about handing over thousands of pounds and nobody wants to know my name.

All of this must mean that either they are doing something wrong or I am. What that is I have no idea. I begin to wonder if it’s me.

If ever there was a week that it would be good to get a lottery win.


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