Going to a Gig.

I used to love live music. Not the biggest thing in my life but it was always a really great night out when a band came around that I love. Listening to music is one thing. It can be an emotional experience. Going to a gig is much more visceral. I had a beer before the concert, can’t say as I have ever done that before listening to a new album. There is a degree of excitement. Energy is in the air. When the music starts you can physically feel the bass.david byrne american utopia tour picture.jpgThis is not something I ever got from you. Music wasn’t really your thing was it? I recall you having a really expensive record deck and amplifier but I rarely recall you actually using it. The reality of it wasn’t that bad. The only albums you had that I ever listened to were the Red Album and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.

In truth it’s been a while since I have been to a gig and have missed it. A good chunk of my life is spent with music in the background. So it is nice to brings things into the foreground. Maybe it is not the only thing I should bring into the foreground.

Talking Heads were a big influence on my adolescence, Their songs were the thing that turned me onto music. Their’s was the first record I wanted to buy. David Byrne has been an even bigger part of my life’s soundtrack in later life. Despite this talk of going out to gigs “Home, is where I am meant to be. Lift me up and turn me round” are the words spinning aroundmy head.

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